Behavior Management

Cindy Baker, MSEd

Areas Served: St Joseph and Elkhart Counties

Experience:  Mother of young adult on the Autism Spectrum, Special Education Teacher, Behavior Consultant working with children and adults with developmental disabilities

Expertise/Special Interests:  Cindy’s passion is working with individuals and families with extra challenges.  She offers her academic and life-tested knowledge to those with whom she shares the adventure and challenge of discovering and living into the potential with which each person is born.


Amy Beaven, MS

Areas Served:  St. Joseph, Marshall, Laporte and Elkhart Counties

Experience: Behavior Consultant, working with children and adults with developmental disabilities

Expertise/Special Interests:  Amy’s passion is to inspire personal growth in individuals. She strives to help clients find their voice and to identify areas of growth important to them in creating life, meaningful and whole. No single approach is right for every individual. Therefore, she is trained in a variety of techniques. Amy incorporates a variety of techniques into her work with individuals including art-based expression, audio-visual tools and more to aid in stress reduction and personal growth for others. Amy has a down-to-earth style and believes in growing together to help everyone aspire to their passion.


Brit Betz, AM, LSW

Areas Served: St Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall and LaPorte Counties

Experience: Brit has previous experience working in mental health and medical settings and is enjoying her present work as a Behavior Consultant with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Expertise/Special Interests:   Brit is particularly interested in mindfulness based approaches, individuals with complex mental health, medical, and intellectual issues, and addressing target behaviors in community settings and through creative endeavors.  


Dru Bolakowski, MA

Areas Served: St Joseph, Elkhart, LaPorte, Marshall, and KosciuskoCounties

Experience:  For 14 years Dru provided a wide variety of case management services to a wide spectrum of clients including but not limited to seniors, dementia patients, and those diagnosed with many forms of developmental disabilities.  She currently works as a Behavior Consultant to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Expertise/Special Interests:  Dru understands that there is no all-inclusive treatment format that fits all, so she utilizes ABA practices to tailor treatment plans to meet specific individual and family needs.


Kayla Cruickshank, MEd, RBT

Areas Served: St Joseph and Elkhart Counties

Experience: Kayla’s interest in Early Intervention work was sparked following her work as a trainer’s apprentice at a service dog training centre. For over five years, Kayla has had the opportunity to administer cognitive, social, and functional life skills programming to a number of children. Kayla’s experience ranges from children age 2 to adults age 30 and above, for both in home care and centre based intervention.

Expertise/Special Interests:  Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA),  functional life skills, verbal behavior and the development of new methods of communication for nonverbal individuals


Darcy Hoffman, MA

Areas Served: St Joseph and Elkhart Counties

Experience: Darcy has extensive experience working within the Medicaid Waiver system for the last 16 years as a Residential QMRP, Case Manager, Case Manager Supervisor and Trainer, as an ABA Therapist working with children in a clinical setting and in public schools, as well as a Behavior Consultant.

Expertise/Special Interests:  Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), adults and children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism, with specific interest in the areas of Anxiety, Social Skills, and Bullying.



Karly Keiper, M.A. Ed

Areas Served: St Joseph, Starke, Marshall and LaPorte Counties

Experience:  With a background in Special Education, Karly has experience working with people ages 3-22, ranging cognitively from 8 months to 7th grade, on a variety of academic, social, communication, and functional skills. 

Expertise/Special Interests:  Karly highly values structure and communication for all people, whether it be in the form of visual schedules and choice boards or high-tech augmentative and alternative communication devices.   Karly loves to incorporate music, dance, and visual arts in her services as often as possible. Karly also has a passion for yoga and deep breathing techniques, and makes these an integral part of her practice.


Barry Marshall, MsEd

Areas Served: St Joseph,Elkhart, and Kosciusko Counties

Experience: Barry has more than five years of experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities, schizophrenia, and individuals with spectrum disorders. This work included time spent in both the group home and workshop environments. He has also enjoyed five years of serving at-risk youth at Bashor Children’s Home as a case manager and therapist, and has additional experience as a pastor and counselor.


Luke Mast, MS

Areas Served:  Elkhart County

Experience:  Having first begun working in the field of mental health in 1995 (in Paraguay’s only public psychiatric hospital), he has since broadened his expertise in the areas of vocational counseling, education, and behavior management

Expertise/Special Interests:  As a bilingual clinician working with developmentally disabled individuals, Luke specializes in working with males and individuals with concurrent mental health issues. He strives to engender quality, person-centered environments to help clients thrive.


Katie Miterko, MSW

Areas Served: St Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, and Starke Counties

Experience: Prior to working at NIT, Katie worked for eight years with children in foster care. She has been a Behavior Consultant for several years, and has experience working with a wide range of disabilities.

Expertise/Special Interests:  Katie is committed to her clients and incorporates a team approach when addressing problematic behaviors.


Robert Owens, MA, LMHCA, CSAYC

Areas Served: St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, and Kosciusko

Experience: Bob  in various services over his 10 year career. He started out as a Support Coordinator in Northern Georgia where he supported and advocated for individuals with intellectual disabilities. ​He​ has ​also​worked in several evidenced-based models, including Multi-Systemic Therapy, Family-Centered Therapy, and the Matrix Model for substance abuse. 

Expertise/Special Interests: Bob is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Structural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and in Person-Centered Planning​, and ​focuses on problem-solving, understanding behavioral issues, and is very solution-focused in his approach. 


Bill Price, M.Ed

Areas Served:  LaPorte, St. Joseph, and Elkhart Counties

Experience: Bill has been a Behavior Clinician since 2005 and has worked in the rehabilitative field for 21 years. In addition to his work as a Behavior Clinician, Bill also volunteers with Project Homecoming, a medical clinic for the homeless population of St. Joseph County.  He helps spread the word about the clinic, collects donations, and advises the clinic on mental and behavioral health screenings, focusing on depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.  

Expertise/Special Interests: Bill works with children and adults, specializing in teaching core learning skills to children on the autism spectrum.  Core learning skills are building blocks, critical prerequisite skills, that allow children to learn more quickly.  These core skills include attention, joint attention, social referencing, imitation, request-making, labeling, and sequencing.  He also specializes in teaching language skills using discrete trial training, a variant of applied behavior analysis.  Discrete trial training is a highly structured approach that includes extensive use of prompts and reinforcement.  


Sarah Ressler, MSW, LCSW

Areas Served:  St Joseph and Elkhart Counties

Experience:  Before joining Northern Indiana Therapies in October 2016, Sarah worked in a variety of roles including case management of home care services for the elderly and disabled, providing education and support to caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and counseling and behavior management for individuals with End Stage Renal Disease on dialysis. 

Expertise/Special Interests:  Sarah currently  provides behavior management services to both children and adults using variety of techniques and strategies.


Paula Anderson, MSW

Areas Served: Lake and Porter Counties

Experience: Before joining Northern Indiana Therapies in March 2016, Paula enjoyed working with those in the mental health acute hospital setting.  She has experience with children, adolescents, adults, elderly and residential clients focusing on stabilization, treatment planning, behavior management, individual and group therapy.

Expertise/Special Interests: Paula has experience working with those battling addictions, people currently or formerly incarcerated, families, veterans, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She currently provides behavior management services using a variety of techniques and strategies. Paula enjoys spending time with her two teenage children, gardening and travel.  She is a dog lover, especially bulldogs yet highly allergic to cats.


Sarah Tezich, MSW, LCSW

Areas Served: St Joseph County

Experience:  Sarah has been a Behavioral Consultant at Northern Indiana Therapies for over three years. Previously, Sarah was employed with the Indiana Department of Child Services and has been employed as a social worker in some capacity for twenty years. Sarah has experience working with children and adults with a range of disabilities, including: intellectual disabilities, ADHD, Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, borderline personality, reactive attachment disorder, autism, depression, and anxiety

Expertise/Special Interests: Sarah utilizes various modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and EMDR.


Jessica Vitale, MSW

Areas Served: St Joseph and Elkhart Counties

Experience: Jessica has over 20 years experience working in the social work field, including working in shelters, counseling youth and families in crisis, working with high functioning special needs clients (at the shelter), helping women work through drug addiction while gaining independence to move out of homelessness.  She worked for  DCS for 7 years, has been a Behavior Consultant for the past 4 years.

Expertise/Special Interests:  Jessica is especially interested in working with high functioning adults with or without children, helping to learn about their rights and abilities. She enjoys linking them with services to allow them more freedom, while they learn social and safety skills in the community.  She encourages her clients to improve their coping skills, independent living skills, make healthy choices, and meet their goals.


Sarah Weil-Schultz, M.A.

Areas Served: St Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall Counties

Experience: Sarah has over 10 years of experience working in the waiver field as case manager, a QIDP, and currently as a Behavior Consultant.  She has an additional two years of experience working with individuals with mental health diagnoses. 

Expertise/Special Interests:  Sarah uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) techniques to teach new skills, with special interests in developing daily routines, feeding difficulties, and verbal behavior.


Terri Rumfelt, LSW

Areas Served: Elkhart, St. Joseph, Kosciusko Counties

Experience: Terri has been employed as a social worker for 20 years, starting as a case manager and then obtaining her MSW and serving the community as a therapist. She has worked most of those years in the mental health setting assisting children and adults involved with the Department of Child Services and probation. Terri has experience assisting families that have suffered trauma in their past, mental health issues, and a range of disabilities.

Expertise/Special Interest: Terri is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, client centered care, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and grounding.